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Pepsi, Coke pledge not to sell sugary colas in schools
17 Mar 2010, 2152 hrs IST, PTI

Global Cola majors Pepsi and Coca-Cola have decided not to sell their high calorie sugary products in primary and secondary schools

across the globe. 

In a statement, PepsiCo said it is voluntarily adopting a new global policy to stop sales of full-sugar soft drinks to primary and secondary schools by 2012. 

"We have long advocated for school settings to be made as conducive as possible to promote health of students... (it) will serve as an important part of that mission, by expanding our offerings of low-calorie and nutritious beverages," PepsiCo CEO and chairman Indira Nooyi said. 

PepsiCo said it will work with its bottlers, vending companies and third-party distributors -- in collaboration with parents, community leaders and schools officials around the world -- to offer low-calorie beverages for primary and secondary schools. 

PepsiCo's move follows an announcement made by the Coca- Cola Company last week that it will make itself fully compliant with its global school beverages guideline by 2013, under which it will not offer beverages for sale in primary schools, unless asked so by parents and caregivers or school authorities to meet hydration needs. 

Coke said when it offer beverages for sale in secondary schools, it will work with authorities to ensure a full range including water, juices and other beverages, in both regular and, low-calorie and calorie-free versions, is made available. 

"We believe in commercial-free classrooms for children, and respect parent and school decisions around what beverages are made available during school hours," the Atlanta- headquartered company said.

Comment from Dr.Praveen Ramachandra
"Its better late than never". Fast foods are curret time's slow poison. big stars' endorsements, and advertisement had been preying one the young and the older populations....
The young children are the clear victims...."youngistan" campaign of the major cola company is one example targeting children.
BUT now some leading companies are owning some responsibility for contributing significantly increasing obesity in both children and adults, and now they have decided to spare children.
if one cries what to do for thirst in a hot summer day??? answer is simple ....go and look back to our history when cola and other sugary drinks were not marketed:  "butter milk" my dear..... drink butter milk with or without added masala
I wish even "Mc Donalds" too follow the the earliest 

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