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    India has always been a so diverse country in many aspect medical illness is no diffrerrent.  Take obesity which occurs due to excess intake of food than what is required to death due to malnurishment due to lack of food to sustain life all in same geographical region. One thing which shows flaws of democracy over communism.

Ayesha Siddiqui, the young Hyderabadi woman who created a fuss about being married to and dumped by Shoaib Malik, says it was all about being overweight. There are other Ayeshas around. Many girls go to fitness centre wanting to lose weight quickly to please their husbands or fiancees or boyfriends. Some narrate stories about how their relationships failed because they were overweight.

    A decade ago, a fair complexion was the parameter to measure a girl’s beauty and eligibility as a bride in india. Today, it’s a slim figure. The phenomenon is depressing for many girls who find refuge in weight loss clinics, fat-free food and fad diets and are ready to shell out thousands of rupees to their personal fitness trainers for every kilogram they shed with their help.

            I know personally people who have turned down the matrimonial match only because the prospective groom or bride is overweight or obese. So nowadays it has become very serious issue in India, where arranged marriage is still the norm.

            Now the question is apart from looks does the obesity issue have any medical consequences related to marriage????

Answer is big YES!!!!!!!!!

            The males with obesity are concerned:

1.     Obesity can hamper sexual activity by decreasing serum testosterone levels.

2.     Obesity can hamper sexual activity by mere physical problems (readers are free to imagine)

3.     Obesity leads to production of female hormone estrogen in males

4.     Obesity decreases libido (it decreases sex interest)

For obese females:

1.      It decreases libido

2.      It decreases ovulation/ fertility

3.      It is frequently associated with PCOD (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

4.      It increases male hormone testosterone in females

5.      It is responsible for disfiguring male type hair growth over face and other parts of the body

Here I am not mentioning the other ill outcomes of obesity like heart attack, diabetes mellitus, stroke etc…..

So to conclude obesity can hamper marriage prospects and purpose of marriage beyond the mere looks…… it’s the responsibility of the present society to encourage outdoor physical activities and advice regarding healthy diets, for both present and generation to come in future…..

above picture dipicts the truncal obesity of three indian brothers from south india
This article is written by Endocrinologist DR.PRAVEEN RAMACHANDRA in public interest to promote health among general public. HOWEVER size zero is not encouraged here which could lead to diseases like anorexia nervosa and pathological weight loss and even death. What is advised here is healthy body weight, with target of normal body mass index (BMI).

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