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WC Cut-offs for Asian Indians:

•        Action level 1: Men: 78 cm, women: 72 cm. Any person with WC above these levels should avoid gaining weight and maintain physical activity to avoid acquiring any of the cardiovascular risk factor.

•       These action level 1 cut-offs need to be researched further.

•       Action level 2: Men: 90 cm, women: 80 cm. Subject with WC above this should seek medical help so that obesity-related risk factors could be investigated and managed.


•       The pharmacotherapy should be initiated for BMI above 27 kg/m2 without co-morbidity, or a BMI above 25 kg/ m2 with co-morbidity.

•       The cut-offs for WC for initiating pharmacotherapy was unanimously agreed upon as a WC measurement 10 cms more than the upper limit of gender specific normal value for adult Asian Indians.


Indication for bariatric surgery

•       Consensus Statement for Asian Indians: BMI above 32.5 kg/m2 with co-morbidity, and BMI above 37.5 kg/m2 without co-morbidity.

Source: JAPI 2009

IDLI versus VADA

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