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Does high priority for competitive exams starting from high school is the cause of increasing obesity in Indian adolescents????

As I treat many young people with obesity and many at times associated with diabetes mellitus as early as 12-13 yrs of age………..i simply wonder why?????????

A good conversation will tell you she/ he  had started preparing for board exam or some professional entrance examination, and weight gain could be traced from that point of time …………….

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is entirely a “life style disease”

These particular population think they cannot waste time on physical activities….or physical exertion….and its common observation that when you  study… your hunger level goes up significantly………….and u consume more food and with nearly no physical activity one is obviously prone for obesity

Dr.Praveen Ramachandra, endocrinologist’s recommendation: “ I believe this era of competativeness is driving the youngster to the unnatural life style.  But one should have minimum amount of physical exertion every day….whatever phase of life u might be in. actually healthy body gives rise to healthy mind and one can actually perform better if they are physically more fit ”


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