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World belongs to tea or coffee drinkers ……………….

So in the growing obesity population we need to how much tea or coffee add to one’s calorie intake????? It is important as we tend to neglect tea or coffee as source of excessive or avoidable calorie intake.

How much calorie they contain???? Say a cup of tea?????

Cup of Tea with 1/3 cup of Regular Milk and 2 Teaspoons of Sugar 

1 heaped tsp Sugar or 1 Sugar Cube => 25 to 30 Calories 
1 leveled tsp Sugar => 15 Calories 
1 Cup Milk => 120 Calories 
Tea => 0 Calories 

Regular Sweet Tea with 

1/4 Cup Milk + 2 Tsp Sugar 

will have : 

30 + 30 (level tsp) => 63 Calories 
30 + 54 (heaped tsp or sugar cube) => 84 Calories 

There are nearly 63 - 84 calories in 1 Full Cup of Sweet Tea. 

So buy cutting down or stopping tea or coffee consumption one can greatly reduce calorie intake inturn reducing  obesity.


But some say how can we skip tea or coffee which is so part and parcel of one’s life???

Answer is simple: have black tea or coffee which is devoid of milk and sugar which is the sole contents of calorie and enjoy the sip!!!!!!!!!

Practically zero calories!!!!!!!!!

This article written by DR.PRAVEEN RAMACHANDRA


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