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Motivation is the driving force that gives us the will to reach the goal that we have set for ourselves (any goal for that matter -- even weight loss). Sometimes we start a weight loss programme, but we never finish it. Midway, we just loose the drive that we had when we started it. We ditch all the exercise and the routine and go back to our old habits. For anyone to succeed at a weight loss programme, motivation is the most important part of the equation. It provide us with the determination to stick to the programme and finally achieve those goals. And that's precisely what bet dieting does.

What is bet dieting?

To be honest, it's neither a new diet plan nor a new exercise routine. It's more like a motivational tool for weight loss. Bet dieting gives you a very important incentive to shed the pounds -- money, gifts or favours! It works on the principle of gambling. You bet that you will lose 'x' amount of pounds/ kilos within a specified time period. Failing to achieve the target, you lose the bet. It makes things fun and also, it has a point.

While motivation and fun are all good, however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you're bet dieting, because at the end of the day, it's your body and your health that you are dealing with.

The advantages of bet dieting are that it:

  • Provides the added inventive for weight loss.
  • Makes weight loss a competitive sport.
  • Increases your motivation.
  • The bet factor increases your chances of weight loss.
  • Promotes friendly competition.
  • Is a good way of socialising.

The disadvantages of bet dieting are:

  • Weight loss in the long term is doubtful. As soon as the bet is over, you might get back to your old habits.
  • It's not really a diet or an exercise routine.
  • Losing the bet might de-motivate you completely.
  • Honestly, you don't require a bet if you are committed to weight loss.

Weight loss is good. Betting is okay, as it motivates you. But never take on any shortcuts which might lead to health problems. Don't forget that while doing so, you shouldn't deprive your body of nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals. Losing weight comprises of a lot of plateaus and small setbacks. If you're going to place a bet, be sure to be reasonable. Think of your diet as a lifelong commitment and not some kind of way to lose 10 kilos quick. Try half a kg (around a pound) a week. By the end of the year, you will be 25 kgs (around 50 pounds) lighter.

Happy betting!


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